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נמרוד בר-עם קורות חיים
Place and date of birth Ramat Gan, September 23, 1970.
Citizenship Israel.
Address N. Bar-Am
P. O. B. 1000
Ramat Chen 52109
Ramat Gan, Israel
Telephone +972 52 6707607
Fax +972 3 6774482

Galia Drucker, May 20, 2003

2000 Ph.D. Summa Cum Laude.
Department of Philosophy, Tel-Aviv University.
Thesis: "The Philosophical Background to the Problem of Translation".
1996-99 Work towards Ph.D.,
Department of Philosophy, Tel-Aviv University.
1994-96 MA Summa Cum Laude.
Department of Philosophy, Tel-Aviv University.
Thesis: "The Problem of Translation".
1990-93 BA Magna Cum Laude.
Philosophy (major) and Linguistics.
Department of Philosophy, Tel-Aviv University.

Curriculum Vitae and academic papers

2013 "Systems Heuristics and Digital Culture" with Raphael Sassower; in: Traditions of Systems Theory: Major Figures and Developments, Arnold, D and King, R. London: Routledge.


“A Review of John, H. Sceski Popper, Objectivity and the Growth of Knowledge"
Philosophy of the Social Sciences, vol. 43, p. 397-400

2012 “Extensionalism in Context” Philosophy of the Social Sciences, 42 (4). p. 543 - 560, (Download PDF)


“Individual Ahoy!” Philosophy of the Social Sciences 40 (2) 319-324.

Myth and Meaning, by Claude Lévi-Strauss. an annotated Hebrew translation.
תרגום מוער למיתוס ומשמעות מאת קלוד לוי-שטארוס. הוצאת בבל

“Theories of Myth as Theories of Communication", an Epilogue to Claude Lévi-Strauss' Myth and Meaning

2009 “Proof vs. Sound Inference”, in: Parusnikova, Z and Cohen R. (eds.) Rethinking Popper
Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science vol. 272. Berlin: Springer. p. 63-70.

“In Search of a Better Tradition: A Review of John Wettersten’s ‘Whewell’s Critics:
Have they Prevented him from Doing Good?’”, Philosophy of the Social
, vol. 39 (2).


Extensionalism: The Revolution in Logic; Berlin: Springer.

Review by Michèle Friend


"Popper and the Establishment ", with J. Agassi,
A review of Malachi, H. Hacohen: Karl Popper: the Formative Years, 1902-1945. Politics and Philosophy in Interwar Vienna. The Critical Review, Vol. 17 p13-24.

2004 "Extensionalism and Induction in Boole", Physis, Vol. XLI, p. 97-123.
Download PDF


“A Framework for a Critical History of Logic”, Sudhoffs Archiv. Band 87, Heft 1, p. 80-89.

“The Dusk of incommensurability”, Social Epistemology. Vol.17, Nos. 2&3,

2002 “Logic between Epistemology and Methodology”, (in Hebrew). Iyyun. 51,
Download PDF

“Enunciati senza predicato: una nota sulla prova ontologica”,
Nuova Civilta delle Macchine. XX No 1. 2002.

2001 “Demarcation Problems in Linguistics”, Conceptus 84.

1999 Review of S. Guttenplan, The Languages of Logic [1986] 1997:
“On The Languages of Logic: An Introduction to Logic” Pragmatics & Cognition. vol 7. p. 239-242.

Introduction to the Hebrew edition of Karl Popper’s The Logic of Scientific Discovery.
הקדמה להגיון המחקר מאת קארל פופר, הוצאת שלם

  "Meaning: from Parmenides to Wittgenstein: Philosophy as 'footnotes to Parmenides', With J. Agaasi


“Beware of Ruminating Hares", forthcoming, Philosophy of the Social Sciences.

In Preparation Towards a General Theory of Communication
Other Publications The Fennel Harp, Tel Aviv: Keshev Publishing House 2011
New Faces in Ourselves, Iton 77, v.361

  Menard in Ephesus, a poem, appeared in Keshet Hachadasha, Vol. 18

  Gali, a poem, appeared in Keshet Hachadasha, Vol. 21

  Heart Sutra, a poem, appeared in HO, Vol. 6

  Scornful Days, a poem, appeared in Mitaam, Vol. 12
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